Kenyan Leather Beaded Sandals

Bead craft is a skilled and ancient tradition that the people of Kenya have proudly presented to the world. Products are hand- crafted using some of the finest materials sourced from Kenya and surrounding areas. 

Azu's Leather Company was established In 2011, Azu’s Leather was set up in Nairobi to take this grand tradition forward, keeping in mind – style and trend, which coupled with uncompromising manufacturing standards makes Azu’s line one of the highest quality leather products around.

With an in-house manufacturing capacity of about forty skilled and trained artisans that work with the specially sourced full-grained leather and high-quality beads, means they can create products that are both durable and have high aesthetic value. The products are created with passion and nurtured by a culture that is truly African at heart.

Azu brings this great legacy of hand-crafted beadwork in an array of stunning designs and vibrant coloured sandals. 

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