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Our New Store

Greetings from a chilly Drakensberg and the opening of my new shop, well not really new, but since the closure of Notties, we were literally bursting at the seams, and a small shop became available that I have moved all the Jewellery into. The one shop will remain Bonnie’s Unique art, and the second is Bonnie’s Unique Jewellery, and lucky for me just one shop in between so I don’t have far too walk between shops.

Our jewellery offers a great variety – pieces from all over Africa that I have collected on my travels to local beading, amazing antique pieces and my all time favourite my shell collars and cuffs from well known designer from Cape town, Mijou Beller.

In two weeks time we are off to Morocco for a well deserved rest, but I will return with some unusual items – so looking forward to visiting a country so rich in art and culture.

Please do come and visit our amazing Centre Thokozisa and of course the new shop and the “facelift” to the other.

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